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Create a 3D online presence logo to showcase your brand and get your website started for free. You can also use this free logo/heading design tool to create 3D headings for different sections of your homepage, blog or website. Works great with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking services as well because the resulting image graphics are created in the Portable Network Graphics (.png) format, which is the current best web media available and is supported by all browsers. The top and bottom page logo graphics for this site, Standard Logo, are great examples of what this tool can do since they were designed exclusively using this very free logo/heading creation maker, with absolutely no touch-ups required.

Why Does a Website Require a Logo?

Most often websites without any attempt at any sort of logo or branding aren't well regarded. They lack a brand experience of any kind and consumers have become accustomed to associating products and services with recognizable brands. One reason that people expect to associate a business with a Trademark or logo are their safety and security concerns. After all, if a business cannot invest in the integrity and promotion of its own name, they are not likely to be around much longer. They may not invest in their training employees, improving their products or expanding their services. Such an endeavor likely will not be around much longer and therefore they don't perceive that business as being one they can rely on over the course of their need for that product or service. This is an extremely important consideration during tough economic times when people are so concerned about who has their business. Remember that if you are providing a valuable product or service, it has to be perceived as such. Online professional portfolios and home pages will look more professional with a recognizable brand because of this very same reason, we are simply conditioned to be brand conscious.

Every day we experience brands thousands of times a day through advertising in the newspaper, magazines, radio, billboards, television and the internet. Each ad is well branded. This sort of conditioning towards brand recognition is impossible for a reasonable person to ignore. Don't make such a ridiculous mistake. Get your brand out there. Get one and use it to your advantage.

By creating a simple logo to get started, you may be able to avoid any such pitfalls others that may not have any kind of brand experience due to our society's unrelentless brand conditioning. Remember that a decent mark will also benefit your business or professional website presence in the same way that it benefits business.

Until you can hire a professional logo designer, use the Standard Logo 3D logo/heading design tool from Xara. Once your business does take off, we do suggest that you contact an identity and branding architect (such as the intellectual property experts available through Symbiotic Design) to take full advantage of a positive impact first and lasting impression through brand recognition. Or, if you are creative and you understand the rules and challenges of branding, Xara also offers some great easy-to-use do-it-yourself graphic design tools that are capable of producing professional quality images.

If you are having difficulty getting started because of website design costs, you might want to consider looking at Xara Web Designer. The result isn't the same as a professionally designed website, but it is a great way to get your professional presence started online to market to the world. Remember that a website can act like a salesman, and can be available 24 hours per day, all year long. Xara offers a free trial version of Web Designer that you can evaluate. You can also download a free trial version of Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and/or Illustrator and use them for a limited time to build your online presence. However, as with most professional software, these Adobe products have a rather steep learning curve and you may not learn the software enough to accomplish your goals in your spare time within that 30 day trial period. Xara products are much more intuitive and affordable should you actually like and use them. Plus, Xara offers a complete line of graphic design software: Xara3D, the Xtreme Pro version or just 'Xtreme', Web Designer, Menu Maker and much more, including fonts (most of which are highlighted below on this page), which can allow anyone access to design professionalism.

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Benefits of a Professionally Designed Logo:

Logos, marks, icons, brands, Trademarks, coats of arms, standards, flags, banners, rapports & official seals are all symbols that are built based on the symbols which we are familiar with. Each symbol, as well as any associated colors, are used in establishing intellectual property can actually stimulate emotions. These symbols, colors and the very emotions they stir in us are then identified directly with the business, even on a first impression! This is all about that brand recognition conditioning that we cannot escape in today's modern society. We understand that red represents passion, romance and love because that is how it is used and recognized. Used effectively, we can associate a mark made of familiar symbols and colors that positively affect a consumer's outlook on a business, product or service the first instant that they see it.

Alternately, marks that are not designed professionally could send the wrong message. But the worst is to not attempt any kind of professional looking presence at all, which is why we offer this logo/heading design tool here at Standard Logo. Because it is basic enough to allow you a professional look without the ability to make many mistakes with any sort of symbolic representation other than the symbols of the characters of your brand name or its acronym.

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